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Vision And Mission


1.Develop an excellent pharmacy college through research in current trends in pharmaceutical sciences and technology.
2. To create knowledgeable pharmacy professional's student for healthcare and society.
3. To develop quality in pharmacy education, pharmaceutical sciences research and patient care that optimizes the health and wellness of individuals and communities.


1. To set up the institute with academic excellence by imparting quality education through high-quality infrastructure and recent technologies in pharmaceutical sciences.
2. To prepare pharmacy students through student- centric teaching and learning processes to achieve industrial research and social needs.
3. To serve society as the profession responsible for the appropriate use of medications devices and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.
4. Create self-motivated, independent and socially responsive young pharmacists for the need of industry, academics and research.

Mr.Mahadev Kanchan

Mr. Mahadev Kanchan, the esteemed founder of Ajinkya Charitable Foundation, is a prominent figure in Uruli Kanchan, Pune. His multifaceted contributions span politics, business, and social welfare, making him a respected and influential leader in the community.
Born and raised in Uruli Kanchan, Mr. Kanchan's early life was deeply rooted in the agricultural traditions of the region. This background instilled in him a profound understanding of the challenges faced by farmers, which has driven much of his life's work. With a passion for public service and a commitment to community development, he entered the political arena, where he quickly became a well-known politician dedicated to the welfare of his constituents.
As a politician, Mr. Kanchan has been a strong advocate for the agricultural sector, tirelessly working to implement policies and initiatives that support farmers' well-being. His efforts have led to significant improvements in agricultural practices, access to resources, and economic stability for farming families in the region. His leadership in this area has earned him widespread recognition and respect among his peers and the community.
In addition to his political career, Mr. Kanchan is actively involved in various business ventures. His business acumen and strategic vision have positioned him as a key committee member in several enterprises. His roles in these businesses not only highlight his versatility but also reflect his commitment to driving economic growth and creating job opportunities in Uruli Kanchan and beyond.
Mr. Kanchan's dedication to social welfare is most prominently showcased through the Ajinkya Charitable Foundation. Under his guidance, the Foundation has launched numerous initiatives aimed at improving education, healthcare, and social services in the community. One of the Foundation's flagship projects is the Mahadev Kanchan College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, which provides high-quality education and training to aspiring pharmacists, thereby contributing to the overall development of the healthcare sector.


Dr. Nitin M. Gawai

As Principal I am hugely impressed by the commitment of the Management, Institute and the staff to the provision of an excellent all-round pharmacy education for our students in our state of the art facilities. Under my leadership, and as a team working together, we will strongly promote academic achievement among our students. The cultural, sporting and other successes of all of our students and staff will be proudly celebrated together.
Welcome to MKCOPER College of Pharmacy which was established in the year 2019. Our college is duly approved by AICTE & PCI and affiliated with DBATU and MSBTE.
The Institute of Pharmacy has an excellent infrastructure with all the sophisticated and ambient research atmosphere, good standards, highly qualified, and dedicated faculty and staff, who are committed to providing an outstanding educational experience to the students.
The faculty members contribute substantially to the academia through quality teaching, publications, seminars conferences of Pharmacy has established itself to be a centre of excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Pune region and provide a multidisciplinary, excellence of multifaceted curriculum involving the study of the discovery of new drug molecules to its evaluation, development, and approval for human consumption, manufacturing, and ever ther important aspect.
A number of companies are visiting the campus for placen The placement cell is in constant contact with the leading industries. I believat any student of our institute will never face any difficulty to get employ sant as well as the opportunity for higher studies.
With the aim of providing quality Pharmacy education, our Institute will continue forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.
I hope you enjoy your visit to the website and should you wish to contact us, please find details at the contact page.

Our main Facilities

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Online teaching facilities in COVID 19

Online teaching facilities in COVID 19 is allowed to the students to progress their understanding of curriculum .

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Modern Book Library

Here is an extensive range of journals and magazines, academic books, newspapers, images, dictionaries and encyclopedias which you can use .

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Programming Courses

B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
D.Pharm (Diploma of Pharmacy)